Renovatio Creative Co is an accessory and wearable items brand that is passionate about creating Indigenous, feminist and political themed hand-lettered illustrations. We are firm in believing that people share values about ideologies that intersect in their lives and want to wear items that align. Culturally it’s an acceptable form of fashion to wear corporate brands that convey wealth and trends but are not focused on the reality of a persons life and the intersections they live with. Each Item is almost entirely hand made by us! Each step of the process is made in-house, from the illustrations, burning the silk-screens, cutting the fabric and sewing the tote bags


I am an Indigenous media artist living in so-called Vancouver, having attended school for electronic media design in college. I want to work to change and contribute to the narrative of what it means to be an Indigenous person and creative in an urban setting such as East Vancouver. Despite facing barriers I started this business as a way to fulfill my dreams of a better life and sharing my perspective as an Indigenous Womxn.

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